We are not alone coming into this world, despite the belief that birth is the beginning, the very first leaf. It opens up new opportunities, new contacts and new knowledge. Still, growing up, we know that there is someone who resembles us. No, not just resembles us, but is immensely close to us, and whom we will certainly meet one day. He is closer than parents, dearer than any of your intimate friends, and more enigmatic than the universe.


We go through our everyday routine with a relentless feeling that we are just about to meet him. Maybe he is just around the corner; maybe he will come next week, and in incredible circumstances. Anything can happen. Meanwhile, we meet a different person; he is interesting, beautiful, intelligent, and attractive. You’re buzzing with excitement, and no one around minds. It seems your love has come, and it seems to be real.
Time passes by, and you feel that something is wrong again. This beacon in your chest is still on, and it is still searching for him. The one you have is not the One. You wish to continue your journey, going to the gloom and towards the uncertainty, where you can probably meet him. And you keep going. And a new feeling appears. But it is misleading. Again.

The longer the path, the less belief remains. Does the One exist?

Only when you give up, when you start to believe that you do not have your One on this planet, when you finally let it go, fully accepting your fate and your loneliness … Only then this invisible thread stretches and lets the One know about you. Everything is turning out for the best, and two people denuded of hope meet each other.
A magical, invisible thread is between those two whose paths are meant to cross. They will find each other only when they know the essence of freedom and loneliness; when wisdom prevails over foolishness, knowledge over ignorance and acceptance over stubbornness.

They will meet. Innocent, frank, ready to love, to give away, ready to turn to the better. Because together they are not alone. Together they are strong, having multiplied feelings, multiplied wisdom, having the eternity for experiments. Their meeting opens up new opportunities that they can achieve only by being a couple. And the world will applaud them as this union always brings light and knowledge for everyone around.

The distance, people, difficult conditions: nothing can prevent them from completing their mission. They have met, and it means the main thing has happened. Everything else is just a matter of time. The only thing they need to know now is that true love is not a spark in the fire of life. True love is this fire. And all obstacles will burn in its flame.

The magical thread is between those two who are meant to be together. And its name is True Love.

Source: Soleil
Preview photo credit: Focus Features