Her diary:

’Today, I noticed that my husband was behaving kind of strange. We had a reservation for dinner at our favorite place and were due to meet there in the evening.
I went shopping with my girls and I showed up in
the restaurant a little late, my fault. He was a little less talkative than usual and I noticed something was bothering him. At first I thought he was irritated by my late arrival but later I realized the problem was much, so much deeper. I suggested to him that we move to a less crowded place so we could talk. In a cozy little coffee shop I looked him in the eyes and asked what was wrong. He seemed to ignore my feelings and said that nothing was wrong. I kept asking him if I had done something to let him down but he just kept saying that he was not upset and I had nothing to worry about.

On our way back home I said ’I love you’. He smiled at me but continued to focus on driving. Now I really can’t find an explanation for this situation at all. Why, why didn’t he just say that he loved me back? We arrived home safely but I was devastated. I couldn’t help but notice that he tried to keep his distance and acted like I didn’t exist at all. He was just sitting there and watching his favorite show. I said ’Good night’ and went to bed.

After about 15 minutes he entered our room and jumped under the blanket. Soon he fell asleep. As for me… I couldn’t sleep at all trying to understand what was going on with my husband. I really feel like I’m losing him. My marriage is probably over…And my whole life is falling apart…’

His diary:

’Today I couldn’t start my motorcycle. Something must be seriously wrong with the engine, but I couldn’t figure it out completely. I think I should take it to the mechanic…’
Source: sci_psy