According to beliefs prevalent in modern society, a person can only achieve harmony and self-fulfilment by finding true love. But, what if you still haven’t met that all-important person? What if, given a choice, you’d prefer staying in bed with a blanket over your head to socializing with friends and relatives? Does this mean there’s something wrong with you?


1. You prefer obligations-free weekends

Your typical weekend is free of plans, meetings and obligations. A quiet evening at home, a comfortable pair of pyjamas and an interesting movie on TV bring you far greater joy than spending time in rowdy company at some dodgy nightclub.

2. You like to go to the movies alone

When you feel like going to the movies to see the latest Oscar-nominated masterpiece, you don’t invite anyone along. You don’t need company for company’s sake, especially if you’re a true movie connoisseur. What’s more, you don’t like sharing your popcorn — who does?!

3. You feel comfortable eating on your own

A dinner out with friends can be fun, provided it doesn’t deteriorate into endless debates about the menu. Plus, there’s always that unavoidable awkward moment of splitting the bill. All those drawbacks make a solitary dinner a far more attractive option.
When you’re dining in your own company, you don’t have to adjust to anyone’s budget, tastes or religious views. And — no one tries to pilfer the tastiest slices from your plate!

4. You don’t mind having a drink by yourself

Some people think that drinking alone is kind of sad. What nonsense! Just you, a glass of your favorite beverage and no need to explain anything to anyone — what could be more relaxing? Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to worry about getting back home — you’re at home already!

5. You travel alone

A prospect of setting off on a one person global tour can be daunting to some, but not to you! You’d gladly jump at such an opportunity. Travelling solo gives you a chance to go wherever you like, to do whatever you want — without having to adhere to someone else’s plans and itineraries.
Also, traveling on your own can help you get in touch with yourself. Meeting new people on your solitary travels can make you more communicable and self-confident. The only thing that beats travelling alone is travelling with perfect strangers — such companions are less likely to be biased or judgemental towards your person.

6. You hate sharing your bed with someone

A spacious and comfortable bed is a wonderful thing. But, there’s just one problem — it’s still not roomy enough for two. In summer months, you enjoy sleeping spread out like a starfish. And in wintertime, it is absolutely vital for you to be able to lie curled up under a warm blanket. There’s no point denying it — you want all of that blanket for yourself, as opposed to having to fight over it with someone else. Nor do you want to be woken in the middle of the night by someone else’s loud snoring!

7. Driving on your own calms you down

After a hard day at work, nothing puts your thoughts in order like cruising along some wide, uncongested highway. In a world obsessed with communication, driving your car remains one of the few ways of escaping it all — if only for a little while.

8. You’re indifferent to your smartphone

The least thing you want is to share the smallest of your life’s developments with the whole world. Moreover, you can’t stand pointless phone conversations and tiring text correspondence — half of the time, you simply ignore incoming calls.

9. You can stay out of reach for long periods of time

Occasionally, your friends and family can’t get through to you for days, weeks or even a month. On the whole, they aren’t worried — they know that your abilities to socialize aren’t limitless.
You don’t feel the urge to constantly stay in touch. A wild night out with friends can be pleasant, but — you’d rather prefer doing something useful at home or just spending time with a good book.

10. You value every opportunity to be on your own

The thought of not being able to fulfil obligations scares you — be it connected with your private life or just some dinner appointment with friends. You need to keep the world at a distance to feel comfortable, both physically and spiritually.
Even when you enter into a close relationship, you still need to be left alone from time to time so you can put your thoughts in order. Anyone who refuses to accept this automatically ends up on your black list.

Your thoughts and feelings are those precious things that society cannot yet control. Your decisions reflect your true self, and that’s what independence is all about!

Source: elitedaily

Preview photo credit: Lizzy Gadd