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Ten “lazy” haircuts for summer

There’s always so much to do in summer: walks in the park, picnics, road trips. We always want to look good whatever we’re doing, but sometimes getting the perfect look takes a lot longer than we would like.

We’re always happy to help make your day that little bit easier. Here are ten hairstyles which you can do in no time at all.

With a colourful bandana

This can be done using any light scarf.

With a small knot

Tip: gather the curls of hair at the side of your head, and any untied hair won’t get tangled in the wind.

The double ponytail

What could be simpler than this?

A small ponytail with volume, for shorter hairstyles

Proof that you can do something interesting and stylish even with shorter hair…

…All you need is some hair mousse!

The wet hair effect

All you need to do here is use some mousse on wet, uncombed hair.

The half top-knot

So your hair can be both tied back and loose at the same time.

The twisted ponytail

Separate your hair into three parts, then twist each one and fasten with hair pins.

The side ponytail

There’s no easier hairstyle than this one.

The Cotton Candy Bun

This is the perfect style for sitting in a restaurant by the beach

The wrap-around French braid

Just follow these easy instructions, and it will turn out great in no time at all!
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