We came across this blog post and felt it was worth sharing. It’s short, but each point seems right on the money to us. It’s always good to be reminded of those simple, common-sense ideas which we can forget about from time to time to keep us on track.
1. However much fun a party is, you’ll always feel better if you wake up in your own bedroom the next morning — rather than on your friend’s floor, or in someone else’s bed.
2. If you can’t make up your mind between eating some fruit or munching on chocolate, just drink a glass of water instead.
3. If the clock says it’s already midnight and you’re thinking that you still have to wash your hair, shave your legs or paint your nails, just choose sleep. You can do all those things in the morning, but nothing will be able to hide your exhausted face or bad mood if you don’t get enough sleep.
4. Travel. Use any and ever opportunity you get to visit new places. Travelling is the perfect way to gain experience, knowledge, wisdom and to stop you feeling old. You’ll feel as if you live longer if you get away from home on a regular basis.
5. Before expressing your opinion or diving into an argument between other people, always ask yourself the question: ’Is this any of my business?’ ’Does it really matter if I don’t say what I think?’ If the answer is ’no’, then why waste your time?
6. Expending your time and emotions on someone who treats you terribly and is beyond help is the job of a doctor. It’s not your job.
7. Between a stormy romance and the chance to be independent, always choose the latter.
8. Arguments never lead anyone to discover the truth, but they can give you a migraine. Ending them as soon as possible will same you time and sanity.
9. A few days spent in solitude and quiet contemplation will do so much more for your health than any spa, massage or ’detox’ programme.
10. No date is so important that you should wear something that is so ill-fitting that it hurts, or completely against your own tastes.
Source: Alla Bogolepova
Photo credit: Nationaal Archief