Sometimes, we have no idea what to do next with our lives or which direction to choose, and this feeling makes us get stuck in the same places, refusing any changes or developments. We become scared to move forward and keep forgetting that just one step toward your dream may be the start of an exciting journey to your real calling.
We at Getzkick want to share with you some tips that will help you understand where to begin looking. Trust us — we’ve also been there.

1. Take a break to think it all over

Take a pause and think about your life: spend some time in silence listening to yourself. It’s important to understand whether what you are doing matches and leads to your desires, goals, and dreams. Don’t worry if it doesn’t — it simply means that you are at the beginning of the search for yourself.

2. Keep in mind everything that you appreciate

This will really help you uncover your true calling quicker and easier. Write down what is right for yourself and what is most valuable to you. Also, ask yourself: ’’What can turn my life into an endless festivity?’’ Nothing can be more important that maintaining this festive mood during the long journey to finding yourself.

3. Learn how to forgive and let people go

It’s always better to start a new life with a blank slate, so try to let your past go peacefully, forgive old insults, and leave all your disappointments, mistakes, and regrets behind you. In this case, you will have more energy and motivation to find and implement your personal calling.

4. Trust yourself and your life

Remember that, at this moment, you are the best age and are at the right time to start. Never compare yourself to other people; it’s better to notice a difference between the present you and yesterday’s you. That’s how you will be able to see positive changes in the future.

5. Rule your own life

No one but you can uncover all your talents and abilities. The full responsibility for this important and exciting process belongs only to you. At the moment when we recognize it, you will get the freedom to move in absolutely any direction.

6. Let yourself make mistakes

Our mistakes are capital that will turn into skills later. Be indulgent, and allow yourself the right to have an unlimited number of failures. Remember that even the sun has spots.

7. Enjoy the process itself

Focus on the process and the current moment. Only in this way can you feel joy and gratification for what you are doing. We promise that the results won’t take long to arrive.

8. Be creative

Be creative, even in your daily life. At first, it may seem complicated, but try to start with something simple — cook a special dinner, make a surprise for your loved ones, and so on. You will get more and more interesting and fresh ideas soon enough.

9. Always look for new opportunities

No matter how cozy your comfort zone is, it will never give you what you really need. Use every opportunity to try something new and learn something new. Even if you think the new knowledge doesn’t correspond to your future calling, you might get tips on how to get to the next stage during the learning process.

10. Be ready for surprises

Sometimes your calling is staring you in the face. Perhaps it’s something very simple and obvious, and that’s why you don’t notice it. However, even if you haven’t uncovered it right away, you will definitely find it after your active search.
Source: psyh-olog