Suffering from a disease called loveria and suddenly news of break up leads to worst condition of a Lover Boy…

And if ditches by girlfriend to smjhlo k dunia hi ujad gai premi ki…!
“M tere pyar me kya kya na bna…”
Let’s check it out that- Kya kya bna…… 



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The boy, who always has a clean shaved face, is now covering his face from long long hair through his hari bhari bear n moustache. No no, don’t get confuse. He is not shying in front of others… It is just a way to tell everyone that he became a MAJNU now.

Mennu nind na ave, teri yad satawe

Mennu nind na ave teri yad satawe

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Sleepless nights were alarming everyday when she was there in life. But now, what is sleep??? Don’t know…

“Yar 4 din se soya ni hu.. Nind hi ni ari h”… This will happen to every other pyar me failed boy.

Need a stick or a girl now-

Need a stick or a girl now

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Sahara is needed for sure in such kind of situation. And yar, stick is worth useless here. Only way to find mental support is either approach to a female friend who likes you from those days or some other lady in which you find your future girlfriend…!!

Rum Rum Rum.. Oo Whisky…………..!!!

Rum Rum Rum Oo Whisky

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Dil tuta boyfriend’s life boat is now floating over ocean of Rum, whisky, beer, vodka……………… Morning is start with gargling with beer and good night to moon is done by whisky..!!!

Cigarette k dhue ka chhalla bnake…

Cigarette k dhue ka chhalla bnake

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The one who never touch cigarette in his life may be because he was warned not to touch it, now having full authority not to only touch it, but can also kiss enjoy it…!!!

Wo to chli gai, ab koi ni h rokne wala.. Jo man me aege wo kruga.. Cigaratte to bht choti chiz h..!!”

New hot sexy girlfriend-

New hot sexy girlfriend

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Frustation all around… And results in another patch up with new lady who is too hot, sexy, beautiful than her… So that boy can prove that, X-girlfriend was undeserving.. He is actually deserves better than the X…!!!

Teri sister ki… Mummy ki…

Teri sister ki Mummy ki

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All the way, only abusive words, abusive language for her…

Kya kre control ni ata, andar se hi gali niklati h yar

Mobile phone is calling you…!

Mobile phone is calling you

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Eyes staring at mobile screen, light is on or off.. Ohhh.. feeling relax… finally light is up… Someone message me… Isn’t she????? No… Message from customer care!!

Always waiting for a message, missed call or call… “Adat jo iti puarni h, jldi se jaegi ni…”

Revenge- “this word is echoing in mind 24*7”

Revenge this word is echoing in mind 24 7

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Will not let her go so easily… Pranks and pranks… Long discussions are there with so called best friends on how to open her secret in front of everyone, how to make her guilty in front of everyone!!!!!

“Dude, do this, do that…

Abe saale!!! Aisa kr yar.. Phas jaegi wo…”

High temperature; High concentration in study…

High temperature High concentration in study

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Bahut time waste krlia uske piche, saala pdhai hi ni ki 2 sal. Ab pdhuga, or use dikhauga k mai kya kr skta hu”

And the final result is 79%… Got placed in MNC. Package- 4.5 pa

Mumma’s Boy… So sweet!!

Mummas Boy So sweet

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Sleeping in mumy’s lap all the time. What mumy papa is saying is right.. No argue..!! They say DAY… It’s day. They say NIGHT… It’s night.

Mumy- Beta, kl ek ladki ko dekhne jana h.!

Mumma’s Boy- Mumy jha khogi whi shadi krluga, ap hi dekh ao…

One thing happen for sure, a break up made a BETA too much AGYAKARI…….