British Model and Indian reality TV star shocked one and all when she announced her transformation to Gaia Mother. And having had some experience of being in the public eye, Sofia addressed a press conference in Mumbai to talk about her new avatar. After all, what good is change without a press conference.

She took it a step further by showing off her famous silicon breast implants which, according to her, are of no use anymore.

When quizzed about her abstinence from all worldly desires including sex, Sofia made sure she even told us when was the last time she actually was sexually active. Mother Gaia revealed:

“The last time I had sex or a physical contact with someone was in July 2015. Since then I have not even craved for such intimacy and that made me question what I really desire in life. For someone who was very sexually active at one point in time to not want it was the feeling that made me introspect.”

While the general public knows Sofia Hayat thanks to the notoriety that she earned over the years with her raunchy and sometimes vulgar photo shoots, it is tough to accept her new transformation.

It was also surprising for her mother to see her as Mother Gaia. Sofia quips that her mother was so shocked but also was happy to find her daughter wearing so many clothes with no scope of exposing her body.