Smart Speakers: How to Choose the Most Essential Smart Home Device
Smart Speakers: How to Choose the Most Essential Smart Home Device

A smart speaker is a wireless-type smart device with a built-in microphone and speaker, which is controlled by a voice assistant. The key feature of the gadget is its own minicomputer designed to recognize and execute given commands.

Besides playing music, these devices can search for information, open BizzoCasino games remotely, tell the weather, turn on audio books, set alarm clocks, and control other gadgets.

Crucial Criteria for Choosing Smart Speakers

Number and Quality of Speakers

Depending on the model, there can be from 1 to 4 speakers. It depends on the area for which the device is bought. As a rule, the larger the apartment or house, the more powerful the speaker should be and can give sound of what discreet microphones can pick up. Besides, it is worth paying attention to the model with an optimal ratio of high and low frequencies.


Many smart speakers are designed to work from the mains socket. However, if necessary, you can find a device that can operate both from the network, and the battery. In this case, you need to choose gadgets with a high-capacity battery. The main advantage of such speakers is their mobility.

Voice Assistant

Any speaker has a voice assistant designed to recognize and complete given commands. This is the most important criterion responsible for the effectiveness of a smart device.


The more expensive smart speakers are equipped with a display. With its help, users can view the available modes of operation and the results of the executed commands. There are also devices that allow you to view videos.


When buying a smart speaker, ensure that it will be fully compatible with all other devices connected by a single Smart Home system. Only then will the sound gadget fully interact with the other elements.


As in the case of the speakers, the device can be provided with 1-6 microphones. With their help, the speaker perceives the voice and performs the given commands. It is also possible to control the gadget remotely. To do this, it is necessary to install the appropriate software on the smartphone and synchronize it with the speaker.

What Device to Choose

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Amazon Echo Dot 3nd Gen weighs only 300 grams. The device can be transported in small bags or even pockets. For this reason, this speaker is loved by users who prefer an active lifestyle.

The advantage is the high speed of response to voice commands. The gadget is controlled in several ways:

  • Manual (with the buttons on the front panel).
  • Remote (with the help of a smartphone).

Finally, we should mention a wide frequency range and a good signal/noise ratio.

Harman/Kardon Citation One

The features of the Harman/Kardon Citation One include the ability to play music simultaneously in different rooms. However, you will need to connect additional speakers for this purpose. The total power of the speaker system is 40 watts. The advanced Google Assistant system acts as a voice assistant.

Furthermore, Kvadrat was used to manufacture the speaker upholstery. It is designed to repel dust, dirt, and moisture. Another distinctive feature is regular automatic updates, thanks to which the speaker always functions without interruption.

Google Home Speaker

Google Home Speaker is equipped with a touch control panel. The device is compatible with any device connected to the Google Home system.

You can control the speaker with your handheld panel or mobile device based on the Android operating system. Besides turning on music, this model can inform you about the weather, tell you about the latest news and set alarms. The main advantage is considered a high power speaker system.

Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod is designed to synchronize with iPhones. For this purpose, it uses a proprietary system Siri, distinguished by a highly developed artificial intelligence and a wide range of additional functions. A key feature is the advanced speaker system, consisting of 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer. According to the manufacturer, the speaker is capable of providing studio sound.

You should also pay attention to the quality housing, which is reliably protected from mechanical deformations and liquid penetration. The delivery set includes special mounts with which the device can be mounted on the wall.