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Single, With A Positive Pregnancy Test – This Is A MUST Watch!

Have you at any point had a pregnancy frighten? On the off chance that yes, you know it’s unpleasant, and assuming no, well, bravo. In the event that the test you took was negative, you know all is well. Be that as it may, if it’s not, man, I would prefer even not to state how startling it can get – particularly in the event that you are single. This short film ‘Peanut Butter’ by Playground Digital Cinema is a story of a single woman, a positive pregnancy test and her life a while later. It highlights Gauhar Khan and Dhiraj Totlani and you Need to watch it. It’s super intriguing and will keep you snared till the end. Along these lines, young ladies, don’t hold up and hit play NOW!

Our country is a minefield of social taboos. You’re hanging out with young men: unthinkable. You’re wearing short skirts: unthinkable. You’re laying down with your beau: unthinkable. You’re a solitary mum: forbidden. There is by all accounts no getting away from the judgemental eye of society. Be that as it may, why attempt and escape it in any case? Why stress over complying with societal standards that are simply a bother? Carry on with your life all alone terms with zero fucks given to society.

A coming of age story where a woman is made aware of the next evolutionary step that she is to take…
A step that is bold and nonconforming to existing social paradigms…
is Priya Mathur up to the challenge




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