With its soulful indie-rock feel ‘Paar Chanaa De’ is a grand duet of music directors, Noori featuring Shilpa Rao. An oral tradition passed on to the brother duo by their grandparents, it’s a song that they’ve considered as a family treasure since long. In the beginning few chords, the track establishes the earthy soul vibes that transcend in waves laden with a distinct melody and instrumentation. Noori and Shilpa Rao’s vocals, independently encapsulate the listener earnestly, as the soundscape further develops with Noor Zehra’s impeccable groove on the ‘Sagar Veena’. In an exhilarating performance, the track commands your attention ever so gently. #CokeStudio9

It has such an enormous force, to the point that it can break each hindrance that we people have made. Wrecked lives, isolated sentiments, injured hearts, crying eyes, hands that lost each other some place not far off, lost homes, covered recollections… .

Alienated nations, cut from each other by power, only a couple of miles far from each other, yet so far away… can meet up with only a couple notes. It resembles an emollient, a space where we are absolutely free.

In this melody, Shilpa Rao has risen above the limits to meet our kin on the opposite side and give them our adoration with her wonderful voice. This video transferred by Coke Studio which likewise highlights the Pakistani band, Noori, the desi Eddie Vedder, whose melody Paar Channa De is an excellent example of what miracles can happen if both the nations meet up in awesome peace.