They go on a strike, do a flame walk, compose trademarks, hold bulletins, make blurbs and a couple of others take a vicious shape and make a ruckus. Despite what might be expected, this youthful rapper named Sofia Ashraf from Chennai thought of this inventive strategy for voicing her feeling and getting individuals to sign the request for her cause.

What’s her cause you inquire? Hindustan Unilever had a thermometer development organization in Kodaikanal from the year 1982 to 2001. It was shut down in 2001 in view of the gigantic dissent from individuals against the industrial facility waste containing mercury that they were dumping in a woodland behind the production line.

She Is Rapping To Get Unilever’s Attention To Make Amends In Kodaikanal

The specialists in the manufacturing plant were professedly made to work in cold conditions without legitimate wellbeing regulations, and, accordingly, a large portion of them have created extreme wellbeing issues for which they are requesting a pay from the organization. The claims express that upwards of 600 individuals have been seriously influenced and about 45 individuals have passed on in view of mercury introduction. The organization has denied all affirmations and have declined to pay the offended parties.