In India, couples in a relationship confront a trunk loaded with issues. One of which is space. Public displays of warmth are a flat out no-no. Be prepared for your share of shame-y glares from our reality’s uncles and close relatives on the off chance that you choose to clasp turns in the metro.

In this way, we chose to ask where the cutting edge Indian young lady goes to get her section on. There are startups presently, as StayUncle, that assistance ladies book a room without getting gazes and spontaneous guidance from the gathering staff. Websites like these are totally legitimate and given you a chance to look at in and check at adaptable hours and pay just for the time that you remain there.

Here are a few answers from ladies who utilized this site.


“This was mine and Ravi’s first time. We just wanted to spend some time together as we rarely used to get any. I knew that there were new startups that let you book rooms online and pay on hourly basis. We thought of getting a room booked by Oyo but they said that local IDs will not work. I will confess that we thought about booking a room at Majnu ka tila, but there were enough horrible stories floating around to convince us not to. Another alternative was StayUncle and they spoke a good game. I booked it and convinced my boyfriend to try it out. I had mentally prepared myself for judgy looks and definite smirks from the hotel staff. To my utter surprise they were absolutely friendly. After checking our IDs, we were directed to our room and damn that bed was nice. We spent seven hours without a single knock on the door. For the first time in my life, I could be as loud as I wanted during sex. I did not have to worry about neighbors hearing and tattling to my parents.

Two weeks later, we booked another hotel room and have been doing it ever since. My parents think I am in college for a late lecture.”


“I met him at a party that me and my friends had attended. We were pretty much inseparable throughout. He was cute and had that sexy look which I was digging. He kissed me once while we were dancing and I knew right then that things would progress. We started making out in the parking lot and he suggested that we go back to his place. I am an outstation person and have heard enough horror stories about Delhi so I wanted to go someplace neutral. I suggested we book a room because a friend in the office had used this website. I booked a room online, reached the hotel by the cab. They checked our IDs only since I had already paid for it through my card. We did not make it to the bed the first time because we did it on the table near the door. It was one of the wildest experiences of my life because I did not have to worry about knocking things over. We stayed there for nine hours and had sex thrice. We decided not to exchange phone numbers and hugged each other goodbye.”


“At first it was weird because I knew that the staff knew I was here to get laid. But then I got laid so I didn’t care anymore. It helped that they were very professional about the services.

It’s obviously better than a friend’s place because you don’t have to worry about the mess you create or cleaning up after yourself, especially if you’re a squirter. It’s like being on vacation, that’s the best part for me.

Also, good hotel rooms are the best setting for role playing! Sexy stranger meets novice first-timer, you know what I mean.”


“Most exciting or scary part was the check-in counter, though people at customer care assured me that nothing would happen. The experience was much better, in the sense that the amount of time we shared together undisturbed was way better than a friend’s house or anywhere out. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, where half of the time is spent in deciding where to go so that we can get ample time to spend with each other. Booking a room not only helps us get physically close, but also become comfortable in every sense possible. I know that people think a room can only be booked if you want to have sex, but we book it just to spend time together watching a movie, or making out, or just chatting. We check-in in the morning and check-out in the evening same day and pay only for 10 hours.”


“My boyfriend and I both had a fetish for wild, rough sex but before, we could just talk about it. Now we got to experiment, and trust me, we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves for even a minute. I’ve read about tearing clothes, and not getting enough of him and how he makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine after your body buzzes from that first orgasm. It all came true for me. Previously, I was convinced that these were bookish talks and nothing of this sort happens in the real world, especially in our ‘cultural’ world. Going down on men is heard of but going down on your girl is simply stuck to porn and novels. And it’s erotic as shit. You can never express that feeling in words of just giving your control, your mind, and body to the pleasure. It’s never enough. Bathroom sex, under the shower, those were just fantasies we could read. Experiencing it? It’s nothing compared to anything you’ve ever felt before. Complete bliss. The liberty of doing whatever you want, wherever, and however you want is a real turn on. Kissing and making out senselessly without having any concern for people or time? Talking of things I normally would keep my mouth shut about? I was all for it. And so it became a routine.”


“I am a typical, Bengali girl of 22 dating a guy of 20.

I’m a girl with a mentality which any “normal” 21st century girl possesses. So, I started my journey with him two years back. When he proposed that we go to a hotel and spend some cozy moments, these were my problems:

1) I stay in a city and country where couples need a room but get only judgement, even for holding hands in public.

2) I think a lot before making any decision and hate judgmental looks. So, I got split into two individuals. One did a happy dance at the thought of spending time with him in a hotel room, and the other was playing the role of a typical, judgmental Bengali aunty, lecturing me about morals, humiliation, safety issues…everything that could push me to say “No” to this proposal.

One day while reading a startup news blog, I came across a website. Next scene? Both his and my heart were doing bhangra together. So, we went to this hotel and honestly, I was still nervous. We were warmly welcomed, there were two receptionists. We went to the room and I wondered how I got such a well-furnished room at such cheap rates? I was amazed. Then came the sweetest part of our stay. To put it in a less exposed manner, we got to know each other better that day by not talking at all.”


“The most exciting part of the stay was the privacy the space provided amidst the mad rush of my daily life in my home city. There are many spaces in Delhi for couples… but the privacy of a room in the same familiar lanes and corners added a sense of adventure and excitement. It felt like a fair deal when I paid for the room over a friend’s place. True to monetary capitalist logic, a hotel experience did not feel like a favour from a friend, there is no debt. You want a room, you pay, and you make memories. All I have to say, is both me and my partner are very sensitive to our environments . And apart from the awkwardness at the reception of a hotel while checking-in, once inside our room, we felt very comfortable. There has been no case where we felt uncomfortable or anyone has tried to disturb our time. And I think of us as two pandas in love. We need a natural habitat. Once in it, things get rolling. Literally!”


“A hotel room stay changed our sexual experience and turned it into a wonderful memory. It was a beautiful room. My priority went to the washroom first. It was perfect. We had sex in the shower twice. The air conditioner was a little problem, which was resolved by a single call. It led to sweaty dirty sex. No awkward looks. Nobody there made us feel like sex and sin are related in the country! This is my message to women who hold down their heads at reception at hotels. There’s a cool uncle in town who doesn’t judge and is absolutely legal.”


“I am a bi-curious girl and have kissed girls back in the college days for experimenting. However, I never had the chance to bring a girl back to my place as I still live with my parents and my house has a no-locks on door policy, no matter what. A colleague confessed after one too many drinks that she has a crush on me. I thought she was fucking beautiful. We met the next day, she apologised for embarrassing me in front of work people. Honestly, I was more flattered. She suggested that we book a room and experiment together. That’s all it took for me to start looking for hotel rooms. The only problem was we both had Delhi IDs and no hotel would let us book a room with that. I found out about this new business that rented rooms on an hourly basis and gave it a shot. Guess what? It worked.

We have been dating since our hotel stay. Just completed six months last week for which we booked a room again. She has given me the best orgasms of my life in hotel rooms. I am loud and messy and don’t have to worry about being interrupted. Everything is paid online, and all I have to do is check-in which is a pretty smooth process too.”