The work here is a piece of fiction and has no resemblance to any human, dead or alive.

In November, while the sky was cloudy and without light, the lights on the road enlightened the way to my work. While I was strolling, loaded with heavy work pressure for the night shift, out of the blue my eyes were stunned as I saw an infant crying weakly in the pathway. The brutal reality, I understood subsequent to picking up the girl child in my arms was a rude awakening for me. The abandoned baby was a little girl not more than 2 or 3 weeks old. The disgraceful condition the child was in, forced me to ask myself, “Why is humanity out of sight?” I, right then and there, took care of the infant and took her to the closest hospital. The little soul was already battling with the cold waves and the startling dusk.

Probably, it was the first battle for survival that she was not even aware of at that time. Her inability to verbally express her pain and state of illness in no way restricted us from believing the trauma she was going through. Her continuous sobbing before going silent with violent, uncontrollable shivering said what we needed to understand. The blessings of the creator finally healed her, and despite being at the exquisite end of the sword, she survived. A glass of water was like one of the seven wonders I drank at that time. I left the hospital in a dilemma.

The celestial glance of the little one sleeping, made me smile. I saw lots of question and harsh facts behind her smile.
How long would she be the victim of such types of inhuman acts? And why baby girls were being abandoned or killed? To some extent in our society, a girl child is more or less considered a liability or a burden. It is a social and moral responsibility of every citizen of this country to put an end to the practice of female infanticide and female foeticide.
Women play different roles of a daughter, sister, wife, and mother with equal ease and success. To protect them and their right to live is our responsibility. In the 21st century, female foeticide and infanticide are still in existence due to patriarchal mentality running from centuries where the birth of a baby boy is considered a blessing but the birth of a girl plunges the family into unexplained sadness.

The lady doctor approached me to communicate the fact that the child was recovering fast and her console took me out of the helix of worries. Days passed by and my consistent visit to the hospital was on. The child was growing up and I found my affection towards her building up to interminable.
During that process, my heart began falling in love with the lady doctor who was attending the case of the child. I had somewhere heard that nature has plans for everybody and the lady with an illustrious character accomplished my world full of immense aplomb. Apparently, elegance and precision paved a way for an immortal friendship. The lady too was probably developing some positives vibes for me. Meanwhile, the child was busy in her world of cheerfulness.

While the winter was too kind, I invited her to the innocent palace of my vision with a promise to be there forever. Her eyes might have captured the nostalgic view while her face sought for fascinating love. Suddenly her lips started to quiver and she in a soulful voice asseverated her love for me.
In the path of adoration and love, we quietly started walking towards an endless journey holding each other’s hand. The child was the bridge for us in discovering each other. Unaware of each other’s existence once, we became the rhythm of one another’s heart and eventually we got married. We adopted the baby girl and the rest was the most beautiful story of our lives.