There’s a considerable pressure to be progressive, we’re hopefully creating a woke generation of men. But we, women, are also completely aware that the change we wish to see is gonna be a long time coming. We know the pressure we face, we know the objectification we face, and we know everything else we go through a whole lot better than you do. Make no mistake, we’re also suckers for those who understand our plight.

Be that as it may, the appearance of ‘dynamic idea’ was extended too far by Varma ji’s most recent wander and first since forever short film. The man gave it an irregular spot of a “women’s activist” (?) school of thought, which has abandoned us more confounded than stunned.

Particularly when the hero asserts the one thing that transforms ladies into seething hole individuals – that a lady’s sex advance is her most noteworthy weapon. You shouldn’t have Varma ji. You truly shouldn’t have. What Sunny Leone does is her decision, yet you have accomplished more damage than great by attempting to advance ladies’ decisions. Again Varma ji, you should’ve conversed with a lady before making this possibly? You begun off well, however then stranded all of us confounded. Aadhi pakki Maggi koi khata hai bhala?

Ram Gopal Varma seems to need a little schooling on what women’s freedom is, what objectification is, and that being objectification is really not cool. His short film is confusing at so many levels that it borders on paradoxes and promotes a lot many ideas that leave women seething.

Watch the video here, but at your own risk.

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