when Indian guys say “Bhai, kal se daru band,” it means they have decided to stop drinking alcohol the next day. It’s a common phrase used among friends when someone is drunk, expressing a lighthearted intention to quit drinking, but it is often said in a joking manner and might not be taken seriously.

Today, we’ve got a fascinating topic: “What people often think after having a drink”. Ever wondered Why? Well, it could be because of different reasons like stress, work pressure, societal expectations, or relationship troubles. In this article, we will dive into some well-known thoughts that people have in these moments. 

1. Bhai, tu he mera bhai hai.

2. Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai… B@#$%%%&#@.

3.Tu Mere Bhai se Faltu Kyu Bola..Behn$#%$####.

4.Paisa Bhaut Hai tu Bata Kaun Si Piyega.

5.Gaadi Mai Chalaunga Bhai.

6.Bhai Mai teri Dil se Izzat Karta Hu.

7.You Know I am not drunk.

8.Bhai Tune Mera Dil Tod Diya Aaj Sahi Mai.

9.Bhai Tu Ye Bata tuje Kya Chaiye Tere Liye To mai Apne Jaan Bhi Dai du.

10.Bhai tu Jyada mat Pee last tym bhi tuje Chad gyi Thi.

11.Bhai do peg mai Kaha Kuch ho rha Hai.Ghanta Fark Nahi Abhi To.

12.Bhai tu tension Na Lai tera Bhai Chod Kar Ayega Gar Tak Tuje Aaj.

13.Bhai aaj to maza aa gya.


15.Sala Kal Se Daaru Band Bhai..

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