Rakhi Sawant isn’t known to be a speaker of sense, for most parts. Her outrageous claims of being “very good friends” with important figures and her ridiculous pleas to the Government haven’t gone down well with people who are, well, smarter.
She has also been known to be an ardent supporter of Salman Khan in the past. So naturally, when she was asked about Salman Khan’s recent rape comment controversy, Rakhi spoke in full support of Bhai, also saying that “he is a legend of our Bollywood industry” at least five times in this four-minute interview by Movie Talkies.

Among the list of her absurd arguments, she said that it was a mere slip of tongue and then in the next statement, said that Salman never said it and that his voice was dubbed. We believe you, Rakhi. Totes!

Make up your mind next time, maybe?