They say, Chuckling is the best prescription and they aren’t wrong by any stretch of the imagination. In this age of the web, we’re always spoilt for decision with regards to lifting our most loved stand-up comedian. With huge amounts of drama clubs appearing at a few territories of Bangalore, these days, humorists are showing signs of improvement opportunity to impart their ability to the world. One such gem is Punya Arora, a South Indian Punjabi comic, who’s breaking the world with her sketches.


A professional photographer by profession, Punya’s first stint with comedy was at an open mic a few years ago. The impulsive decision of ‘trying a new thing’ turned into a success story for her and she’s been at the top of her game ever since. Apart from comedy, Punya is also a visiting faculty at the Light & Life Academy in Ooty.


Citing her style as observational, Punya particularly enjoys mimicking various people and donning accents. Her audience loves her personal stories and sketches the most. From talking about wearing a bra to types of school teachers, she covers them all. Punya is a regular at Bangalore’s ‘That Comedy Club’ and ‘Canvas Laugh Factory’ in Mumbai.


Watch Punya Arora kill it on stage at the Get Hooked Comedy Nights hosted by Buttercups on Women’s Day. Talking about boobs and bras and what not, Punya cracks up her audience and adds a solid dose of much needed humor on this special day dedicated to women.

“I want to travel the world and do comedy. I want to get on every stage I can find. I absolutely love what I do and am moving forward one step at a time,” says Punya Arora.
You can follow more of her work on her Facebook Page