Any player of PUBG has pondered exactly what number of weapons are there in the game. All things considered, right now PUBG Mobile has 35 distinct weapons in the game, some of them can be picked up, others are held only for supply drops.
The following is a list with each and every weapon in the game. Essential details are the damage a weapon can do, in addition to the quantity of shots it takes to kill when shooting at the head or chest. Another detail to focus on is an ideal opportunity to execute. If a weapon has a high time to kill score, this implies it has a low shot of winning a gunfight in close battle.
These details don’t consider your own ability, so on the off chance that you discover you can get kills with the Kar98k then, you can surely go for it. These details are only a guide regarding what weapons do the most damage in PUBG Mobile.
Any guns with an asterisk alongside the weapon name implies that this weapon can only be picked up from a supply drop. These weapons have good stats, yet the stats don’t consider the danger of going to a supply drop.
Here is a list containing all the weapons available in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds-

Let’s hope that this guide helps you win your Chicken Dinner in PUBG hereon.