Prikshit Gupta A.K.A Parry G is an English/Hindi rapper, conceived on 5th august, 1992 in Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir. He has conveyed pride to the state with his crazy rapping scene. Parry G began rapping in his late high school and this interest soon turned into a addiction for him and he began living and breathing rapping verses. He is known for his complicated rhymes, multies and a Top Notch flow. He has won numerous honors for his exhibitions. He also turned into the First Indian to spit a fastest verse. He as of late rose to acclaim when he reached the finale of India’s Got Talent Season 6. Parry G is just another person. What makes him emerge from the ordinary is his dream to mark his name in the rapping scene and enthusiasm to follow that dream.

When did Prikshit become Parry G?

The Rapper says, “It was in my college when I actually developed interest in rapping. I started listening to Eminem and figuring out what really this art form is. Gradually my interest in rapping turned to habit and I started thinking seriously about it. The rapper in me wanted to give him a different identity so I was constantly searching for a name that could satisfy the Alter Ego which was born in me. I thought of many names but was never satisfied. Initially I kept my stage name ‘Freaky Priki’ that was because of the freakishness in me. Then one day, I was sitting with my friends in cafeteria in my college and there we all started giving names to each other so that it becomes easy for us all to call each other. So our names became Happy, Harry, and Garry and since Parry rhymed very well, I was given this name. Hence Prikshit became Parry G.”

Parry G, on the 13th of October announced the release of his new song through a social media post.

Here is the PUBG National Anthem by Parry G. Check it out and get inspired for life.