80% of the women are likely to have pierced ears. But now, many more piercing styles are entering into the fashion world apart from the high school type single earlobe piercing. Ear piercing is always in the fashion trends. Hence the single piercing in the earlobe is just for the children who are piercing for the first time.

For the children, a single ear piercing is enough. Now, even seventh and eighth-grade students want to experiment with multiple piercings. These types of piercing are not like the regular ones. The combinations of more than one piercing are in the fashion trend. Do you like to look different from the others? Tryon these tips and set different kinds of style statements.

6 Prettiest Ear Piercing Combinations

For modern 2022 women, a single ear lobe piercing is not enough. This is more like a children’s style. So now is the time to combine the ear piercing. And wear multiple ornaments to set a brilliant fashion trend.

Let’s have a look at the six prettiest ear-piercing combinations.

1.   Three Piercing In The Lobe

2022 is the season of applying different types of piercing styles. Regular earlobe piercing is not in the fashion trends. The latest trend is more than the single piercing. For any teenager, the simple three sets of piercings are enough. Tryon these trends and get your earlobes pierced.

Go for the superficial three layers of piercing. But for setting different fashion trends, pick your jewelry carefully. For example, the blinky stones studs are the best ornaments for styling your three-pierced ear.

To complete the whole look, apply the makeup and the best foundations for the party, along with the nude lip colors. That’s all. Your party makeover is complete with blinky ears.

2.   Layered Piercing

Layered piercing is the hottest trend of 2022. Layered piercing is not with the three or the two sets of piercing. When you are going to wear the ornaments from your layered pierced ears, it will look like a cascade.

As the layered piercing, you can add up to three or four piercing sets. Most often, when you have more places to do the experiment on your earlobe, you can do the layered piercing.

For looking more trendy and hot, Tryon the Ark hairstyles that will compliment your overall look. For layered piercing, chain-type ear ornaments are the best accessories.

3.   Inner Conch Piercing

Are you looking for a wild and innovative type of ear piercing? Try on the inner conch piercing. These piercings look very cool and trendy. These piercings are like cartilage piercing. You may be hearing about the single conch piercing.

Conch piercing is for the loop or ring types of ornaments. You have to get your ear ready with a professional piercing specialist for the inner conch piercing. But in 2022, a single inner conch piercing is just out of fashion.

For setting up the different styles, try on the double conch piercing. The best ornaments for the conch piercing is stone or black stud. Every teenager is becoming more fashion-conscious, from teen panties to ear studs. So keep experimenting and set the fashion example.

4.   Cartilage Piercing

Cartilage piercing is looking much more trendiest. Many of you think the cartilage piercing is painful. But the real factor is that fashion-conscious people are prepared to deal with any type of painful experiences to look more stylish.

Cartilage piercing is like that type of fashion trend. However, cartilage piercing should always carry forward with professional help as the piercing areas are not soft, like the earlobe.

The factor is cartilage piercing takes much more time to heal. Other than this, there are no such issues. And during the piercing, you have to go through much more painful experiences rather than lobe. But your pain is worth it. Nothing looks more remarkable than the small cartilage ear studs.

5.   Hoop Piercing

What is hoop piercing? Do you want to go for the all-over golden accessories? Then you must try the multiple hoop piercing techniques. This is similar to cartilage piercing. The only difference is that you have pierced the ear’s part to wear the ring ornaments.

Wearing ring ornaments is the latest fashion. Only you have to link the hoops with a chain. This means you will look more blinky and glittery. Any chain and fused jewelry looked stylish with the round and linked piercing. Read more: Finance Team, Emblem Wealth.

You can wear almost anything inter-linked when you have multiple piercings on your ear. The hoop piercing is almost like the chain-type piercing. Plus you have the pierced places in your cartilage. You will get the chance to wear chain-linked ornaments.

6.   Helix Lobe Piercing

The latest piercing trend is to do experiments with multiple types of piercing. The Helix lobe piercing is the trendiest. But do not get satisfied with the single helix piercing? Tryon the various numbers of piercings. Means in the helix area do the multiple piercing. And do the piercing on the place where you can wear the rings or loop type earrings.

Ear lobe piercing is also very trendy for women who wear ear cuffs. Do the piercing with a small gap. And then wear silver or gold rings. Even the tiny pearl setting rings look very smart as the helix lobe piercing. You can also visit Social Media Magazine, Search Engine Magazine, RslOnline, Smart Business Daily, BlogStellar, Real Wealth Business.

Like the cartilage piercing infectionprecautions, you also have to take the step to prevent the infections. As the helix also has boney areas, it will require more time for healing.


When you look through piercing history, you will see how piercing is becoming the most innovative and trendiest fashion trend. Get over from the single ear piercing and set different style statements with multiple ear piercing trends. What is your ear piercing statement? All of these six cute and pretty piercings look fabulous for every woman. Try on these and let us know your opinion from the comment sections.

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