Microsoft Azure Administrator
Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam

Have you been looking forward to becoming a certified Azure Administrator? If so, you can consider passing the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. It is a role-based certification test that evaluates the skills of the professionals in working with Microsoft Azure (it includes their abilities to monitor, manage, and implement identity, particularly in a Cloud environment). By completing this exam, you can demonstrate that you have knowledge of how to manage Azure subscriptions, configure virtual networking, secure identities, manage network traffic, administer infrastructure, connect on-premises sites and Azure, back up and share data, implement web applications and containers, monitor your solution, create as well as scale virtual machines, and implement storage solutions.

Target Audience

AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator is an associate-level certification test. Therefore, the exam requirements are not high. The applicants should have an understanding of Azure services such as Azure Windows 10 VM or Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.  workloads, and security. Besides that, they need to possess experience in using Azure Resource Manager templates, Azure portal, Azure CLI, and PowerShell. The target audience for the test is Administrators. The IT specialists who have at least half a year of experience with Azure services are also suitable for the exam.

Exam Features

The Microsoft AZ-104 exam contains about 40-60 questions that need to be solved within the time frame of 2 hours. The passing score is 700 out of 1000 points. The individuals can take the test in one of several languages that include Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, French, German, and English. To register for this exam, each professional has to pay the fee, which is $165. The test covers 5 subject areas that are listed below:

  • Managing Azure Governance and Identities
  • Implementing and Working with Storage
  • Deploying and Working with Azure Compute Resources
  • Setting and Working with Virtual Networking
  • Monitoring and Backing Up Azure Resources

The applicants can find more details of these topics in the exam blueprint (they may download it from the official webpage).

Preparation Options

Although Microsoft AZ-104 is an associated-level exam, it still requires thorough preparation. The individuals can explore various tools available on the certification webpage and third-party IT training platforms. For instance, it may be one of two special training courses. They are an option for the students who want to prepare with the help of a tutor. On the other side, the specialists who prefer to study on their own can consider utilizing online learning modules. There are several modules and each of them focuses on a specific topic, so you can use only those you find interesting. To check your knowledge as well as get familiar with the exam features, you can think about using practice tests (in addition, this is a great tool to polish your skills).


These were the basic details of the AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator exam. If you are interested in passing this test and getting the related certificate, be sure to prepare for it diligently. Feel free to find the valid tools on the official webpage and third-party platforms.