Rumi’s life and change give genuine declaration and proof that individuals pf all religions and foundations can live together in peace and amicability. Rumi’s dreams, words, and life show us how to achieve inner peace and joy so we can finally stop the ceaseless stream of threatening vibe and disdain and accomplish genuine worldwide peace and amicability.

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī was a thirteenth century Persian Muslim writer, legal adviser, Islamic researcher, scholar, and Sufi spiritualist initially from Greater Khosaran. Rumi’s impact rises above national fringe and ethnic divisions. The world has the profound inheritance greatly appreciated of this virtuoso throughout the previous seven centuries. His poems have been generally converted into a significant number of the world’s dialects and transposed into different arrangements. Rumi has been portrayed as the “most popular poet” and the “best selling author” in the United States.

Here are the absolute most ground-breaking quotes by our Rumi.


"When the world    pushes you to your    knees, you’re in the    perfect position to pray."


"In silence there is   eloquence. Stop weaving   and see how the pattern   improves."


"I am not this hair,   I am not this skin, I   am the soul that lives   within."


"Let the beauty   we love be what   we do."


"Sell your cleverness   and buy bewilderment.   Cleverness is mere   opinion. Bewilderment   brings  intuitive knowledge."


"Set your life on fire.   Seek those who fan   your flames."


"Be an empty page,   untouched by words."


"Be an empty page,   untouched by words."


"To praise the sun    is to praise your    own eyes."


"What hurts you,    blesses you. Darkness    is your candle."


"Grace comes to   forgive and then   forgive again."


"There is a candle in    your heart, ready to be    kindled. There is a void    in your soul, ready to be    filled. You feel it,    don’t you?"


"Be like a tree    and let the dead    leaves drop."


"It’s your road and    yours alone. Others    may walk it with you,    but no one can walk    it for you."


"I want to sing like    birds sing, not worrying   about who hears or    what they think."


"These pains you    feel are messengers.    Listen to them."


"You were born with   wings. Why prefer to    crawl through life?"


"Close your eyes,   fall in love, stay   there."


"Half-heartedness   doesn’t reach into   majesty."


"Lovers don’t finally   meet somewhere.   They’re in each   other all along."


"I learned that   every mortal will   taste death. But only   some will taste life."


"If you are looking   for a friend who is   faultless, you will   be friendless."


"What will our    children do in the    morning if they do    not see us fly?"


"The beauty you    see in me is a    reflection of you."


"You have to keep    breaking your heart   until it opens."


"To praise the    sun is to praise    your own eyes."