The world has changed drastically in the most recent couple of years. From landlines to cell phones, from massive Televisions to Drove screens and from single screens to multiplexes, we have turned out to be innovatively exceptional. Nonetheless, this change has been both a gift and a revile the same number of individuals have lost their occupations as a result of it.

This short film titled ‘Kathakaar’, uploaded by WWI Films is the tale of one such man, Prakash who loses his employment of working the projector in a solitary screen theater, as it will be transformed into a multiplex. Furious and frustrated, he comes back to his town. What happens next, will abandon you in wonderment.

Veteran on-screen character Piyush Mishra has at the end of the day showcased his artfulness as an on-screen character by assuming the part of Prakash easily. This film is the ideal amalgamation of a lovely story and immaculate acting that will abandon you hypnotized!

An old theatre projectionist is fired from his job and has to come back to his village. Struggling with what to do with his life, he one day narrates a story for a crying kid. Slowly he becomes the favourite story teller in the village and re-discovers his passion.

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