When a 2-year-old is left all alone at home, it is without a doubt every parent’s worst nightmare. Be that as it may, attempt to see it visually and we bet that it is significantly scarier. The things that can occur and the results of it, will make you go on a roller-coaster ride. Vinod Kapri catches the story superbly in the trailer of Pihu which dropped today. RSVP Films is back with yet another fabulous trailer is most likely a thriller.

Myra Vishwakarma who claims the lead role as a 2-year-old girl trapped in a house with no real way to get away, will take your heart with innocence. Be that as it may, when she is left alone at home with no supervision, everything appears to be a demise trap. The trailer captures the thoughts and paths of the 2-year-old as she adventures around the house. It will surely terrify you.

Talking about the film and possibility of grabbing the audience’s attention with his single character, director Vinod Kapri said, “Most of them questioned me how am I going to hold the attention of the audience for 100 minutes with only one actor, who is a child? I was worried over the delay as the girl was growing up. I wanted to make the film with her before she turned three.”

Later, talking about child actor Myra, he said, “We gave her time to acquaint herself with the space as well as the crew. We would shoot for two hours a day. There were three cameras placed on the set because you can’t ask a two-year-old to give another take. The toys that you see in the film all belong to Myra.”

Here’s the Official Trailer Of ‘Pihu’-

The film seems to be circling around the small girl and it would be an interesting thing to watch whether the director would be able to make a tricky situation work or not.

Directed by Vinod Kapri, Pihu’s trailer is a good tease for the audiences to reach cinema halls on November 16, 2018, when it will hit the screens.