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Photographer Father Burns through $1,500 To Transform His 3-Year-Old Little girl Into Ponder Lady

Josh Rossi has proven himself not just as an awesome photographer, but also he’s one of the coolest dad! Known for creating hyper realistic dynamic images, Josh focuses on every little detail to make each image come to life. So when it came to his three-year-old Nellee’s dream of becoming Wonder Woman, Josh decided to go the extra mile, spending $1500 on a hand made leather costume and props for the ultimate Halloween costume and photo shoot to make Nellee’s dream come true!
With months of preparation and planning of the shoot, Josh worked in collaboration with a studio in Salt Lake City (Mcgrew’s) to create a real leather, handcrafted costume of super heroic proportions. Since the long anticipated Wonder Woman movie won’t be released until next summer, Josh only had the trailer as his inspiration. While Josh was busy creating the props and costume, Nellee and her mom spent hours watching the movie trailer, mimicking the comic book heroine’s facial expressions, gestures and movements. Watching and studying the 1970’s TV series became the regular part of the family nights.
The photo shoot itself took an entire day with the help of an awesome team. During two and a half hours of shooting, three years old Nellee channeled her inner super hero and helped her dad recreate scenes from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. The final photos were the result of brilliant composite techniques with some Photoshop effects.

Getting ready for the big day!

Channeling her inner super hero!

Before and after images

Meet Josh and his little Wonder Woman and see how the entire photo shoot came together in this video

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