Jen Pan and her husband, living in Singapore, started out as wedding photographers and videographers but finding new muses in their two lovely children and their friends’ little ones, they made the found a new love in family photography and made it a central theme in their work.

Upon discovering the world of discrimination that nursing mom’s face, Jen decided to create a photo series that celebrates the beauty of motherhood, pregnancy and family life, reports Self.


This three part series, ‘The Magical World Of Breastfeeding’ featured mothers nursing their babies in different surreal natural settings.


And while they were all utterly breathtaking.


The photos in the series that featured a working mother breastfeeding in the middle of a crowded business district in Singapore, however, created the biggest waves.


Taken as a stand against workplace discrimination that many new mothers face, these photographs star a mother-of-three and her baby son.


Herself a nursing mother and an active participant in several breastfeeding support groups, Jen is no stranger to the plight of a working mother.
Hearing multiple stories of moms secretly pumping breastmilk in office bathrooms to avoid repercussions from their employers, women being asked by their bosses to stop pumping at work and even a woman being put on probation thanks to motherhood inspired this series.


Even through their cheerful and loving mood, the photographs ensure that you don’t miss the larger, much more serious issue they address
“We wanted to celebrate motherhood and at the same time create awareness for the mothers who face difficulties in the workplace.”

– Jen Pan


Through this series, Pan hopes to spread awareness about how breastfeeding and motherhood are the most natural and beautiful of things in a woman’s life. She insists that we shouldn’t jump to blame these employers, but we should certainly not hide.

The goal is to educate and encourage everyone towards being more understanding towards motherhood


Let us leave you with Jen Pan’s inspiring message for all breastfeeding mothers:

“This special series is dedicated to all working mums who pump at work,”… “You are doing what you have to do. Do not be guilty or ashamed. You are in charge of your baby’s nutrient intake.”


“No one has the right to tell you to stop your breastfeeding journey before you or baby are ready. You are beautiful.”

All photographs sourced from Jen Pan