The breezy days of summer are knocking the door and you may have already started summing up ideas of outdoor entertainment. However, if you follow the old adage that home is where the heart is, the outdoor of your home is one of the most perfect places of entertainment. Therefore, you need to start planning for the removal of the boring and monotonous blinds and invest in smart outdoor curtains.

Spending time in the patio is one of the trends that most homeowners prefer. You are sure to come across several ideas of hanging curtains in the patio. You may have a spacious or a small patio. Therefore, you can get plenty of ways to make the outdoor space inviting and comfortable.

How to get patio curtains:

The patio curtain provides shading and privacy you need for everyday use. You can tie the curtain at the back for a decorative touch or allow them to hang to block the sun’s rays. The outdoor curtains are known for durability and designed to withstand the weather elements without fading, tearing and developing mold. Here is what you need to keep in mind when choosing the outdoor curtains.

Types of fabric:

The first option to consider is the type of fabric to choose and the following are some of the fabrics to choose.

  1. Olefin or polypropylene is UV resistant and colorfast, so it is a good option for outdoor spaces that receive a lot of sunlight.
  2. The olefin fabric is soft and lightweight and dries quickly and reduces the tendency of developing mold and mildew.
  3. The acrylic fibers come with solid shades and stripes that help on resisting fading, making it an ideal option for the outdoor curtains.
  4. Acrylic fabric tends to build a static charge and may attract fur, so it may not work out as the best option if you have pets.
  5. The natural fibers are highly absorbent but take more time to dry and often form mold and mildew.
  6. Polyester is less expensive compared to polypropylene or acrylic and is available in a variety of colors and prints but it can fade in direct sunlight after a couple of years.

Size of the curtain rod:

You need to consider the size of the rod and the curtains to avoid any hindrance at the entrance and the exit. The curtain rod must extend beyond the door and allow the curtains to stay open. Measuring the curtains is also necessary to allow the curtains close completely.

Colors of the curtains:

You might face several challenges when choosing the colors of the patio curtain. However, segmenting the colors into solid shades, stripes, and botanical prints may help you make a better decision.

Browsing the rates:

If you want to know the rates of patio curtains, a good option would to search online. The prices of the outdoor curtains vary based on the fabric and the amount you need. There are varying lengths of materials available for making curtains. Therefore, you need to explore the fabrics and the prices to make the right decision.

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