Although addressing the significance of maintaining a balanced diet, on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that September will be observed as “Nutrition Month.”

“For our children and our students to display their optimum potential, show their mettle; nutrition and proper nourishment play a very big role. The month of September will be observed as ‘Nutrition Month’ in the entire nation,” said the Prime Minister during his monthly “Mann ki Baat” radio programme.

“During nutrition month, a food and nutrition quiz will be organized on MyGov portal and there will be a meme competition. You should participate in it and motivate others to take part,” he added. The Prime Minister said that there is a need to increase awareness regarding nutrition. “We have a maxim – ‘Yatha Annam Tatha Mannam’ which means our mental and intellectual development is directly related to the quality of our food intake. There is a need to increase awareness of Nutrition. The schools must introduce ‘nutrition monitor’ like the class monitor to raise awareness,” he added.

Prime Minister observed the efforts made in the country over the past few years , especially in villages where public involvement in nutrition week and nutrition month is transforming knowledge of nutrition into a mass step. He continued that schools have been drawn into this social campaign with attempts being taken to establish children’s tournaments and raise knowledge of nutrition.

The Prime Minister said there should be a Diet Control in a community much as there is a Workplace Control. Similarly, a Diet Card can also be added, like a Index card. He told that a food and fitness quiz as well as meme competition will be arranged on My Gov site during the course of the Diet Month. He invited the listeners to join in.

The Prime Minister told that a special kind of nutrition park was also built at the Statue of Unification where one could experience diet-related education along with fun and frolic.

Highlighting the fact that India is blessed with a great deal of food and drink variety, the Prime Minister said it is very important that a well-balanced & nutrient-rich diet plan should be drawn up to include local food grains, fruits and vegetables grown there according to the season of a particular area. He told that a ‘India’s Agricultural Fund’ is being established which will have full details on the crops grown in each district and their associated nutritional value. Prime Minister urged listeners to consume good food and be well throughout the month of diet.

“September will be celebrated across the country as the nutrition month,” Modi said. In this campaign towards nutrition, the participation of the public is important, the PM said and added that attempts were being made to spread its awareness.

“Schools are being involved. There should be a nutrition monitor just like there is a class monitor. There should be a nutrition card along with the report card. These initiatives are in the works,” he said.

The PM also mentioned that the country would soon celebrate the 75th year of independence. He said the students should be made aware of the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters. School students could be involved in spreading information about the unsung heroes of Independence and this should be the central theme of this year’s Teachers’ Day programme on September 5, he added.