The relationship shared by an elder sister with her younger brother is so pure that it is everything beyond precious. Every such girl can vouch for that. From the beginning till the end, this relationship undergoes various transitions ranging from the brother being ignorant, to him saying, “Don’t worry I am there.” It has love, consideration, care, kindness, support, dependency, the list goes on. Every elder sister has atleast once in her life said, “I’m lucky to have you” to the smaller sibling because indeed having a younger brother is no less than a gift from destiny.

Being able to aptly put the description of this relation into words is a humongous task. However Rabia Kapoor in her poem ‘Since 2003’ presented by Kommune India has done a fabulous job so much so that it brims you with emotions. A Must Watch!

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In her 19-year-old existence, Rabia Kapoor remembers numerous memories where people around her defined what she felt about the world. But what Rabia also realizes is that since 2003, her thoughts and actions may have unconsciously damaged one of the most special people in her life.

In a heart-wrenching note to her younger brother, Since 2003 is Rabia emptying a cauldron of unspoken regrets; all for another chance to rewrite the script.

Source:Kommune India