One day, you’ll meet a truly sincere and open person. They’re «cozy.» From the very first time you’re with them, you can’t stop smiling. The feeling of happiness covers you from head to toe. Meetings with these kind of people pass too fast, simply because you take no notice of time you have spent, cups of tea you have drunk, or topics you have discussed. It’s easy.


All of a sudden, you realize that this cozy person is one of your best friends. You don’t even realize that you’ve only met each other a couple of days ago. It’s just you and them, time doesn’t exist.
During the goodbyes, all you want is to hug this cozy person as tight as you can, because only with them you can really be yourself. Only they can understand things you’ve never told anyone before. You are ready to explore the unknown, conquer seas, swim oceans, but only together, just to feel this coziness.

One day you will dream of being like them. You want to give your warmth, give others joy and good like they gave you. So, you find some time in your busy schedule to make a nice dinner for your parents, who come home exhausted after work. You write to your friends who you haven’t talked to in a while. That’s when you discover the hidden, good parts of your soul, already in you.

It is an unbelievable pleasure to meet a cozy person. They change you, until you find out that you’re a cozy person too. However, it can be a hard work. Nowadays most people are used to receiving more than to giving. But its worth a try…
Author: Curly Dreamer
Preview photo credit: Aleksey Chuvakhin