part 1.

“Please! Give her back to Me! See, see I’m down on my knees and pleading you, begging you, please give her back to me. I can’t live without her! I’ll.. I’ll take care of her. She too needs me.”
All my pleas went unheard and I earned another slap. Along with a new slang. I was in a situation where I can’t die but living was worse than death as well. But I’ll have to do it. And I WILL do it. FOR HER.

My clothes were in tit bits, half torn. My crisp white shirt adorned patches of crimson blood, here and there. The person was thrashing me to death on Mumbai’s railway station. One of the most crowded public place of India, it was. Locals came n wheeled away. Some people would pass away, while many would gather, to look at me with disgust as if I deserve it, or even some more! They would encourage the person who was lashing me out. I was helpless.

Why are All so STEREOTYPED??

I was harshly brought out of my reverie, by the voice which I love the most and will always continue to do so!

“You’re a bloody malewhore. Pathetic scoundrel! Bloody psychopath. Asshole. And you want HER? Huh Dream on you son of bitch!”

I smiled sadly.

“Please , I beg you, please give me MY DAUGHTER back. I’ll leave your life forever!”

She didn’t hear me out and I welcomed another slap. But people didn’t help me, as I’m the MAN, right? So I’m supposed to be the beast while MY WIFE has to be the damsel in distress! Heights of hypocrisy in the name of justice.

Finally, after getting beaten for more than 40 minutes, I knelt down to her feet. My head bowed down. Lacrimal efflux was like, as if a flood is on its way! But I don’t give a damn.

“See Bella.”

“Its  Isabella for you, bastard!”

I gulped the painful lump.

“See Isabella, I Nick russel down on my knees, begging you, please return my daughter to me. I’ll leave you and never ever show you my pathetic face. I’m no more smirking. But crying and wailing in sorrow. Be happy, you wanted this right?”

She smirked and grabbed a fistful of hair of mine, and tugged it so hard, henceforth making me wince. But I bore all for my princess.

With the last slap, she gave me a chit. It had the address inscribed in it, which would take me to my daughter.

I thanked her while gifting her my last words.

“I love My Bella, always had and always will. Take care. Will never see you again. Goodbye.” I went away seeing her beautiful face for the last time. I left leaving with my soul bereft of its mate!

“OFF love!”:-Part-2:Here

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