One of the renowned publications in the world, New York Times has published an article where one of their famous journalist Asgar Qadri quoted saree being ‘Hindu attire’ and how it has seen a gush since May, 2014. The have established a link between saree and nationalism. They also said that that saree is very much promoted by BJP-led government.

The article was full of exaggerations and backfires, here is the glimpse of the article:

“And with Narendra Modi, the party’s strongman of Hindu nationalism, as prime minister, fears that the country would head into a phase of aggressive nationalism have largely come true. Members of minority communities, accused of being disrespectful to cows, sacred to Hindus, have been lynched. Critics of Mr. Modi have been branded as “anti-national,” some shot and killed by Hindu nationalist activists.”

There are so many things wrong with this article. It is the same newspaper who earlier quoted that wearing hijab boasts the confidence of the ladies but now they are saying that saree is branded as a symbol of being nationalist.

The Twitter started replying to this vague article which is poorly written:

Earlier even Raveena Tadon posted her picture wearing and a saree and captioned that ‘will i be labelled as Bhakt now’. There is no need to communalize the India attire.

This is the cheap propaganda which is used by them. What is our Pm Modi doing wrong? If he just wants to revive industry again and make people aware of our traditions. There is no need to pull Indian tradition in the dirty media politics.


Saree is the most elegant and beautiful attire which a lady can wear. NYT, just needs to check their facts before publishing such news!

Don’t get confused with Indian fashion and politics.