Sanitary pads, Periods, Menstruation. These words are enough to make every upstanding man cringe. Not being able to talk about pads at home, feeling shy in buying pads at the chemist etc. these situations have happened with every girl out there. The Black Bags at the chemist that are especially reserved for selling pads are the perfect metaphor for the mentality of many people. Why is it that the society can’t accept the fact that women bleed during some days every month that too when it is important for conceiving the “ghar ka chirag”?Maybe it is time that every self respecting girl forgets about the society and buys sanitary napkins the way this girl does. Now that’s Badass!!

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That’s exactly what Devika from ALT Balaji’s popular web series Dev DD did and you have to watch this ‘#UnSanskaar’ clip to know more!