Today’s fashion for natural looks has made women with bright and flashy makeup a rare sight. It may seem that natural makeup-wearers have perfect facial skin, but this is not necessarily the case. They simply know how to apply makeup the right way.

Step 1: Cleanse facial skin


First of all, you need to get your face ready for makeup. This stage involves cleansing the skin, getting rid of dead cells, and applying moisturizing cream.

Step 2: Conceal imperfections


To make pimples and dark circles less noticeable, use a concealer. It is usually applied with a brush, but we advise you to use your fingers. This will warm the concealer and make it easier to apply it evenly around the eyes. In this particular case, let’s use an orange-tinted concealer to hide the gray-blue circles under the eyes.

Step 3: Apply foundation


You can do it with a brush, your finger, or a sponge. To apply toner cream properly, you first need to warm it to your body temperature. This will help to spread the cream over your skin smoothly and evenly. If using a sponge, soak it in water slightly, squeeze out the excess liquid, and then apply the foundation with light brisk movements.

Step 4: Hide small blemishes


Now, use a small brush or sponge to camouflage small blemishes around the nose and at the corners of the eyes. This will also help to shade the concealer. Don’t rub your skin — use tapping movements, instead.

Step 5: Mask the remaining spots


As a rule, areas with spots require more attention than the rest of the skin. To hide spots, apply some more concealer by means of a concealer brush.

Step 6: Apply cream blush


Now, put some cream blush on your cheekbones and do the shading with your fingers.

Step 7: Add dry blush


At this stage, you can use dry blush to give your face a healthier, rosier color. Use circular movements to apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Step 8: Shape your eyebrows


Photos: before (left), after (right)
Get your eyebrows into shape. If there are any gaps that need filling — use either a makeup pencil or mascara. Keep in mind that the color of your eyebrows must correspond with the color of your hair. For instance, women with blonde hair should use a light-brown pencil, while brunettes should consider darker shades of the palette.

Step 9: Add the final touches


Powder your face to set the foundation, then apply lip gloss. If you want, you can also pencil in your eyebrows.
A few pieces of advice on how to create a natural makeup look:
    When choosing a concealer for your face, make sure that the color is no more than a shade lighter than the foundation.
    When applying blushes, the sequence should be this: cream blush — face powder — dry blush.
    You shouldn’t use too dark of a foundation, even if you want to make yourself look tan.
    After you’ve applied lipstick, blot it with a paper napkin to make your lips look more natural
Source: krauzer