MTV’s show Huge F with Gautam Gulati was dependably intended to push limits, and kid they pushed it hard in this one.MTV has proceeded lastly demonstrated a same sex relationship on Indian TV. Scene 6 of the appear, apropos titled – I kissed a young lady, is an adoration story between outlining understudy Sharmistha and Madhurima, the model why should assumed advance Sharmistha’s dresses.

Meet Sharmishta – reserved, under confident, a dreamer lost in her own world. Her only friend is Ritesh, her opposite in almost every way, and quite the ladies’ man. They study together at the design institute, where she’s a fashion designer, and he’s a photographer. Sharmishta is often teased for having been single forever and showing no interest in boys, and now that her cousin is getting married, even her mom can’t resist taunting her. Ritesh is the only one who’s always got her back.

Their final projects are coming up, and Sharmista asks Ritesh to help her find a model for her collection. Ritesh recommends his friend Madhurima, someone who he’s been trying to take out on a date for a while now. When Sharmista sees her, she’s absolutely taken by her beauty and her charm, in a way she hasn’t been before, by man or woman. As they work on the project together, their proximity grows, and Sharmista finds herself hopelessly attracted to her.

It seems like Madhurima is interested in her too. There’s a problem though – Ritesh asks her out, and she agrees to go on a date with him. Sharmista is confused, and torn – she wants Madhurima, but her friendship to Ritesh is more important to her than anything else. Will she accept her own desire? Will she able to find a way out of this situation? Will she be able to pull off the Big F?


Starts fly in the middle of Madhurima and Sharmistha, as well as Madhurima and Sharmistha and her bestie who is the stud kid of the school. It takes a while for Madhurima to acknowledge which way she swings and when she does, significant trouble rises to the surface.
In a society where patriarchy looms everywhere and the general concept of sex and substitute sexualities is an unthinkable, it is not an amazement that standard media and day by day cleansers limit themselves to the topics of the perfect sanskari family and over-the-top dramatizations.

Nonetheless, regardless of the way that the laws in our nation are embarrassingly age-old and censure same-sex love, it is greatly gladdening to see famous Television slots breaking out of the present state of affairs and doing their bit to guarantee that the LGBT group is coordinated into the fabric of the standard.

While MTV’s The Big F concentrates on the investigation of ‘prohibited fantasies’, we can’t resist the opportunity to commend the way that it has done its part in bringing lesbian affection into the domain of the ‘typical’.


The Big F, with six scenes having been publicized, is a show about “forbidden fantasies,” the kind you have when you see a man in uniform evidently, when you lose all control over your under locales, and all of a sudden vibe the need to search for tissues. We’re not saying it, Gautam Gulati’s promo is.

A big thumbs up to MTV India for having taken this leap of faith. While our legal system may be holding us back from achieving equal status for the LGBT community, if mainstream media continues to explore alternate sexualities, maybe the future for sexual minorities is not so bleak.