Resale value
Resale value

Used motorcycles remain popular today. However, a bike’s resale value depends on many factors, including its age and mileage. How can an owner increase the resale value of their bike? The following tips can help with this goal.

Keep Original Motorcycle Parts

Many bikers choose to upgrade their rides. However, doing so can decrease the resale value of the motorcycle, mainly if it is a heavyweight bike. It’s okay to upgrade using aftermarket parts but keep the original parts. Install the original parts before selling the bike through American Motorcycle Trading Company to increase its value.  Change the Tires

Bikers need to minimize tire wear. Smooth roads lead to less wear, and motorcyclists must avoid bumps and potholes whenever possible. Motorcycle tires should be changed every five years, if not sooner, because the rubber on them dries out. Putting new tires on a bike before selling it or trading it in will allow you to ask for a higher price.

New Paint Job

Consider having the bike painted before listing it for sale. Any scratches or rust will reduce its value. New paint can cover the damage and make the bike look new. Spot touch-ups are one option, but you might consider having the whole bike painted to command a higher price when it sells.

Update the Grips

Bikers need durable and reliable grips. When selling a motorcycle, replacing the existing grips raises its value. This step doesn’t take long but produces good results.

Replace Torn Seats

Foam seats tear with regular use, and the padding also gets crushed, making the seat less comfortable. Potential buyers will notice a torn and compressed seat, so replace it before selling the bike. Invest in a plush seat so individuals will have a comfortable ride when they take the bike for a test run.

Test the Lights

Bikers want to know they will be safe when out on the road. When they examine a bike they are considering buying, they will test the headlight, taillight, and turn signals to ensure all work as they should. Consider upgrading the lights before selling the bike. Doing so will make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Clean the Bike

Store the bike in a clean and well-maintained garage to ensure it looks its best when people come for a test drive. Any dust on the motorcycle parts will reduce the bike’s efficiency, which may lead to a sale not going through. Wash the bike, avoiding areas prone to damage from soap and water. Polish all chrome parts after washing the bike so they look their best.

Buy Wisely

Certain motorcycle brands retain more value regardless of other factors. Consider this when purchasing a new bike. If you buy from a reputable brand such as Harley Davidson or Honda, depreciation will be less of an issue. Bikes depreciate rapidly. Expect a new bike hot off the dealer’s lot to lose up to 45 percent of its value in the first two years. However, deprecation continues throughout the bike’s life at a rate of 10 to 15 percent every year. The bike’s make and model, as do other factors, play a role. Use the tips outlined above to command a higher price for the bike when you sell it or trade it in. Every penny matters, so ensure the bike looks and rides well for a successful sale.

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