What should be a customary trek to Walmart ended up being a terrible affair for one mother. The lady chosen to post her story on Facebook where it turned into a web sensation and got almost 70K preferences.

Everything began while Dallas Lynn and her two-year-old child Jameus were enduring at the check. Jameus needed to embrace his mother so – like any mother – Lynn grabbed her youngster for a snuggle, uncovering his stomach. This was the place things got chaotic.

Look down to peruse Lynn’s touching story beneath.

More info: Facebook (h/t:22words)

What was supposed to be a regular trip to Walmart turned out to be an awful experience for one mother

The woman decided to post her story on Facebook where it went viral and got nearly 70K likes

Kudos to the mom who didn’t make a scene but decided to educate the public

Her story reached thousands of people

But most importantly, it proves that Jameus couldn’t wish for a better, more loving mom