The #MeToo movement in India is going wild and women, from all kinds of different backgrounds, are moving into the open to discuss their sexual harassment incidents while disgracing the predators. Vinod Dua, journalist and father of humorist and YouTuber Mallika Dua, is the recent noticeable identity blamed for stalking and sexual harassment in the midst of the ongoing MeToo movement.
In a recent Facebook post, producer Nishtha Jain accused vinod dua of sexual harassment.

The incident reportedly occurred in June 1989, when Nishtha had met Vinod for a job interview. Besides telling her a sexual joke, he asked her, “Tumhari aukat kya hai?”, when Nishtha tried to discuss her salary expectations. After that Nishtha landed a job somewhere else however Vinod discovered from his companions and encountered her at the parking area of her office. He then slobbered all over her face and stalked her for many days before surrendering.

Confronting reaction after her father and senior journslist Vinod Dua was blamed for stalking and sexual harassment, comedian Mallika Dua on Sunday said she upheld the #MeToo movement and would surely defend survivors.
Responding to the charges leveled against her father by filmmaker Nishtha Jain, Mallika said if her father was blameworthy, it was “unacceptable, traumatic and painful”.
She said the charges were not her disgrace or burden and she would not let the #MeToo movement be “hijacked by shamers”. The comedian said that, “this is my dad’s battle, I will let him fight it and stand by him”.

While Vinod Dua’s response to this allegation is still awaited, let’s see how the people are reacting to Mallika Dua’s response to the allegations made on her father.