Since a long time, men have tried to understand the female anatomy, especially when it came to periods. But unless you’ve been there, the pain of period cramps is far from your understanding. Obviously, our understanding is limited to the biology classes we attended in school, while we made non veg jokes in the back. Some brave men have come forward on Reddit to do the task of describing what period cramps must be like.



“Really bad diarrhea cramps. Like, ‘ya know death may not be so painful’ level shits. The level of shits that make you want to stay in the bathroom, but the refractory period is juuuust long enough to where you wipe liquid, step out of the shitter only to go back in less than 10 minutes. Ever gotten Moctezuma’s revenge in Mexico? Those cramps.”


“Male, had salmonella. Was writhing on the floor literally (and I do mean that) screaming. Wife said, “wow, that must be worse than cramps.” So yeah, I get it.”


“You know that annoying brat kid on the airplane that is kicking the back of your seat? Imagine 100 of them kicking your lower abdomen and then their screams travel to your head and gives you a migraine. The screams sometimes turn into voices of your mother-in-law telling you you’re fat and ugly and nobody loves you.”



“I’m convinced that it is comparable to being tapped in the nuts. Yes, tapped. It’s a sickly, dull throb deep in your guts, that can change to a sharp, stabbing pain, and can migrate from between your legs to up into your belly. It makes you slightly nauseous, sometimes extremely nauseous, can come with diarrhea and sweats. You want to simultaneously die and kill everyone. All you can do is find the one position or one motion that can temporarily somewhat lessen the symptoms, but it can change from semi-relief to making it 20 times worse without notice.”



“Same feeling I get when gas tries to kill me from the inside. Feels like a pool ball forced through a nerve filled tube just a little too small for it.”




“Like my innards are being tied into knots and twisted, until blood and chunks of tissue flow out of my genitals.

Thanks, I’ll stick with the having-a-penis set.”



“I imagine it like a mix of next morning hangover stomach aches (slightly acidic, queasy) mixed with the feeling you have about 20 minutes after a solid shot to the testicles (dull, clenching ache driving from your groin up higher).”