We’ve all grown up watching cartoons and many of us still enjoy them. They’re funny, emotive and a great escape from the monotony of life. While Shin Chan’s brazen replies and witty retorts leave us in splits, the weird laugh of Dizzy, the cement mixer, is something you can’t possibly get out of your head! And who can’t recognize the smart and witty Ninja Hattori by his trademark dingdingdingding?

But have you ever wondered who the voice behind all these cool cartoons is? Going by the way Ninja Hattori speaks, it seems that a boy in his early teens is talking. But how would you feel if you realize that it’s a petite woman in her mid-thirties who actually dubs for Ninja Hattori?

Such is the talent of 34-year-old Meghana Erande, who dubs for Ninja Hattori and other popular cartoon characters, with brilliant voice modulations!

Source: haapus.blogspot.in

Meghana Erande was a student of Marathi literature and a topper in Mumbai University, before she entered in the dubbing industry. In her career spanning 25 years, she has dubbed for many cartoon characters in Hindi, including DeeDee from Dexter’s Laboratory, Dizzy in Bob the Builder, Doraemon, Princess in Powerpuff Girls, Harriet Brindle in Small Wonder, and Ninja Hattori, among others.

She bagged the work to dub for Ninja Hattori based on the audition where artists were asked to sing-song dingdingdingding- dingdingdingding in two different pitches!


Apart from lending her voice to cartoons, Meghana has also dubbed for Discovery Channel and recorded for the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for Pune Railway Station.

You’ll be awestruck to see Meghana producing 8 different voices in this video. While another talented voice over artist Sonal Kaushal is behind Doraemon’s voice, Meghana has done a pretty good job in mimicking it here. Enjoy!

Source: Aatif Shaikh