Dating can be pretty awkward. I mean, meeting new people is awkward on its own, but if you’re on a first date… Oh, the awkwardness there can be level 1000+. Unless your BFF tags along and is there to save you just in case.
Ultimate BFF Georgia went undercover to spy on friend Dawsyn Eubanks’ first date to make sure everything was going ok. While Dawsyn was supposed to be enjoying her meal, she was surprised to receive a text from Georgia asking why she wasn’t eating. And when Dawsyn looked around, Georgia was right there – sitting just a few tables away, hilariously disguised in a black hoodie, sunglasses, and mustache, ready to save the day just in case! Can we say BFF goals? Most definitely.
Dawsyn later tweeted a photo of Georgia spying on her with the caption: ‘When your best friend wants to make sure your first date goes well.’ The tweet has gone viral since with over 491k likes and 217k retweets.

Dawsyn’s tweet went viral with over 217k retweets, and now everyone wants to be her BFF

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