It’s hard to beat fresh wild-caught salmon. My husband loves the stuff.

And what better place to get it than our very own Pike Place Market in Seattle? (If he hasn’t already, check out my virtual tour of Pike Place Market for the history and photos of this world-famous historic market!)

We got our salmon from Pure Food Fish Market located inside Pike Place Market. They have been stocking the freshest, highest quality Seafood Market for four generations and specialize in fresh seafood from the Pacific Northwest.

We are fortunate to live here in Western Washington where we can enjoy such deliciously fresh seafood. But for most of the landlocked United States, fresh seafood is not affordable. With the ever-increasing demand for premium seafood from the Northwest, Pure Food Fish Market created the ability for seafood lovers across the United States to enjoy the freshest produce possible, just as if they were visiting the market. from Seattle. Pure Food Fish Market now hand-cuts, packs, and ships your seafood via FedEx overnight anywhere in the United States. What about that?

Although we live close enough to buy it in person, they sent me some to test the service; as promised i was there the next morning and the ice packs were still frozen. It was perfect and like fresh out of the ocean!

They also make THE best-smoked salmon!

I wish you could smell the scent through your screen. Our kids gave my husband some serious competition for this smoked salmon – there wasn’t much left when they were done with it!

Let’s move on to today’s recipe.

So we got an order for this fresh king salmon from Pike Place Market and wanted to use it right away while it was still fresh instead of freezing it.

With this fresh salmon on hand, I wanted to make Todd something really delicious.

The pecan crust sounded great, but I wanted to kick it up a notch. We recently dined at a restaurant where dessert included a glaze made with bacon fat and maple syrup. (Yes, dessert. And it was fabulous). I thought that was just what this salmon needed: a bacon fat maple glaze to drizzle over the walnut breadcrumb coating.

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