Make Every Look Sparkle with Diamond Earrings
Make Every Look Sparkle with Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are always considered classy, priceless, and elegant. Diamond earrings are generally the favourite of every woman. Diamond earrings can be teamed up with any dress, and they can be a perfect accessory for all your important occasions. Being a girl, diamond earrings not only give you elegance, but they can also give you financial security. There are many types of diamond earrings available in the market. 

Always choose a diamond earring as per the occasion and dress. Diamond studs, diamond hoops, diamond chandeliers, and traditional diamond jhumkas are a few types of diamond earrings you can choose from. Styling a diamond earring depends on your attire entirely; for example, diamond studs and hoops are best for your formal attires.

Diamond Hoops

Hoops are women’s first love despite the availability of multiple other earring types. To accessorise the hoops earring, you need to understand the size and design. Always buy a hoop as per your face size. Never buy a bigger hoop if you have a smaller face. Always use the minimum accessories with hoops, make a low or high bun and leave some loose strands in the crown area. This will enhance the look when you are wearing diamond hoop earrings.

Drop Earrings

Diamond earring always look elegant in any design or style. Drop earrings are another type of diamond earring and can be teamed up for any traditional or formal dress. These earrings are a perfect choice for semi-formal events. Team up the diamond drop earrings with a saree, salwar suit, or any attire. They look perfect with every dress. 

How do you style the diamond earrings?

Diamond earrings are elegant jewellery pieces poised to give you a sophisticated look. Do not overdo things when you plan to wear diamond earrings. Highlight the earrings and minimise other jewellery like a ring or necklace. Always select the other pieces of jewellery based on the occasion. Diamond earrings can by themselves be potential show-stoppers. 

You don’t have to wear other accessories; earrings can add ‘oomph’ to your look. Wear white gold or platinum jewellery if you want to pair your diamond earrings with other jewellery pieces. Do not use any artificial or fashion jewellery along with your diamond earrings. It may destroy the classy look you want to carry.

You can try semi-precious stones but be careful while selecting the colours and styles as they can overpower the look of diamonds. Similarly, go with elegant and classy dresses when selecting a dress for your feminine look. You can wear diamond studs with jeans, a dress, and even a saree. If you are wearing hoops, team up with any Indian ethnic or classy western outfits.

How to team up the diamond studs?

Diamond studs are the most popular earrings, and they look classy and versatile with every look. It doesn’t matter, even if they are tiny in size. They can still transform your look completely. They give you the flexibility to wear it for office wear and any party look.

Diamond studs are comfortable to wear as they do not get tangled with hair or skin. They are lightweight, ensuring that your ears don’t find it stressful to wear them (metamorphically). You can wear the diamond studs for a longer time as well, as they bring a novel sense of comfort.

Types of diamond studs

  • Prong setting 

This setting covers the minimum amount of diamond which means a more enhanced look of your diamond.

  • Bazel Setting

Bazel setting keeps your studs secured and protected from any scratch. This setting gives security and modernity. Thus, you don’t need to worry while wearing the diamond studs.

  • Halo Setting

The halo setting creates a glamorous look and adds sparkle to the diamond. 

Cost of the diamond earring

The cost of the diamond earrings depends on the type of diamond used, the cut, quality, and caret value of that diamond. The price of the diamond also depends on the company. 

Think about the budget if you are planning to buy a diamond earring for yourself or as a gift for someone. 

How to test the diamond if it’s real or not?

To test the authenticity of the diamond, you can do the following tests-

  • Water test

A real diamond will always sink in a glass of water as it contains a high density, while a fake diamond will float.

  • Magnifying glass

Check for the inclusions in the diamond with the help of magnifying glass; a real diamond has imperfections.

  • Do the fog test

This is the quickest way to test the quality of diamonds. Put the diamond in front of your mouth and blow up the fog on it; a real diamond will get clear in one or two seconds, while a fake one won’t.
Diamond earrings are the perfect choice to look elegant, classy, and glamorous. Buy the diamond earring or couple ring as per the budget and style you want to own. Diamond earrings are meant to complete all looks and are perfect to wear on any occasion.