Having your mail server is characterized by the ability to get a flexible, multi-component system that will solve the problem of information exchange within the company, keep in touch with customers and partners, and maintain the security of personal and commercial data the same way trusted platforms, like a PlayAmo casino or Netflix do this.

To support and configure the mail server, additional software is required. It’s designed to secure mail, clean up spam, and perform other service tasks. Here are the most popular programs.


This program was designed for Unix-like operating systems to handle incoming mail. It works as an IMAP and POP3 server and provides secure access to mail. It supports an extensive list of authentication methods, encrypts information for protection and provides rights settings.


The project was developed as an alternative to Send mail to improve performance without compromising reliability and security. It’s simple and easy to use and has a lot of features.

Configuration files have detailed comments which make it easy to configure. To start a basic configuration of the mail server with your own preferences, you need to change a few parameters.

The application runs several processes on behalf of unprivileged users.

It allows the use of external programs that start with send mail because it has its own package for that program.


Exim is a mail agent program used to send mail from the server. It was developed by Cambridge University for use on Unix systems connected to the Internet and is distributed under the GNU license.

The log file is located in /var/log/exim/main.log and you can view the mail that was sent there or check the cause of a failure. The log files themselves are put in the /var/spool/exim/input folder. You will find more information about the mails in the db and msglog folders.


This is an excellent application which will take care of fetching only the important information. It has combined several existing phishing and spam detection methods. This has greatly improved the detection of legitimate email receipts. The app has abandoned traditional sender identification by IP address, in favor of adding a digital signature associated with the organization’s domain name to the message. The recipient verifies the signature automatically, and reputation is determined through blacklists and whitelists.


An excellent anti-spam application. It detects pushy ads and tells the recipient about them, with recommendations about actions to take. It collects statistics and creates a report about the origin of the received messages. DMARC enforces the policy of the sending domain and sends analytical reports to support anti-spam activities.


An app designed to simplify the administration process. You can use it quickly and easily:

  • Add and delete domains, mailboxes, aliases.
  • Change passwords.
  • Assign administrators.

Newly assigned administrators are granted rights to add and delete mailboxes and change passwords.

Round Cube

This app belongs to the mail clients and has an intuitive interface. You only need a browser to work with it. RoundCube is equipped with all the functions necessary for mail client:

  • Ability to create mail messages.
  • Ability to create mail messages.
  • Support of emails in IME / HTML formats.
  • Sender identifiers.
  • Spell check.

Squirrel Mail

This is a powerful webmail package. It supports the IMAP and SMTP protocols. When working with it there is access to many modules that greatly increase its functionality:

  • Logging.
  • Spam filtering.
  • Calendar.
  • Mail encryption with GPG, etc.


This is a filter for checking incoming messages for viruses. ClamAV antivirus is used to check it.

The program is simple and reliable and does not depend on libraries. It does not filter spam but only identifies viruses in mail.

Spam Assassin

It’s an email filter. Spam is detected by performing a heuristic analysis of the headers and texts of sent messages through the interaction of an evaluation service, a transport agent and a template database.

It’s triggered in three ways:

  • As a separate application.
  • As a part of the program.
  • As a client.

It’s faster when the app is used as a client.

When examining texts, the application calculates the points assigned to the text after it passes the tests. The detection threshold is customizable, usually an email must score several points to fit the definition of spam.


This program is an official client for obtaining a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. In the case of a mail server, it allows you to set up secure mail services over a secure protocol.

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