People are a huge repository of beings to learn from. Every person out there can teach you something. Lucky are the ones who fall in love with the person who teaches them how to live. Being able to inspire each other while being in love is the best kind of relationship.

Akanksha Chaudhury from IIM, Indore made the world a tad bit more wonderful by sharing her story on Quora for the question, ‘What is the best thing you have learned from your boyfriend or girlfriend?’ The way she wrote her heart out about everything amazing in her boyfriend is heart warming. Here goes:

Attitude makes a difference in Life!

My boyfriend has vitiligo from the past 5–6 years I think. Vitiligo is a condition in which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause.

You can understand what vitiligo is by this picture.


This is something which I think would greatly reduce a person’s self-confidence and self-image. I just think if I would have had this, I would have cursed myself to death. I would no longer think of the good things in my life and all I would think to be about this disease I unluckily have. The disease itself would not ruin my life as much as I myself would ruin it thinking about it.

This would have been my attitude towards life. But to my surprise, my boyfriend takes vitiligo very differently!

He never let a mere disease hamper or have an effect on the aspirations of his life. He never let such a situation affect him emotionally or in any manner whatsoever. He doesn’t just sit and rue over the fact that what life has done this to him. He studies well, gets excellent grades, has made a lot of friends and is very much confident. I never ever for a moment seen him sad or unhappy. In fact, he is entertaining and hilarious at times. He manages all the things of his life very well be it studies, relationships etc.

He told me he had faced difficulties and unpleasant situations before. People would sometimes speak not good about him and how a girl rejected him by saying that he looked bad and would not have a girlfriend in life.

But he got over all this and I think he is the most amazing, knowledgeable and wonderful person I ever met.

I feel happy that I got to meet such a person in my life! A person who is capable of turning the negative into a positive one. It is something which not really everyone has. Every day we see people depressed and unhappy with some or the other issues in life. Some issues are not really even issues if we see. I just got a greater perspective of life with him and how not to bog down when life feels unpleasant. It is simply the way you see life and how important it is to see the good aspects of life.

Attitude does make a hell lot of difference! You can either make your life wonderful or awful just by the mentality you keep. This is what I have learnt from him!

The answer has been published with due permission from the author.