An original take on relationships, White shirt is the labor of love for Sumeet Arora. And Kritika Kamra​ & kunal kapur’s most understated performances till date

Love is a wonderful feeling, yet individuals regularly say that there’s no adoration without agony – all things considered, that is the thing that fulfills every one of the minutes advantageous. This short film ‘White Shirt’ depicts how love can likewise be about giving up. Actually no, not relinquishing love, but rather relinquishing what’s keeping you down as a man in your relationship. Regardless of the possibility that you adore a man, being with them isn’t generally the best thing. On the off chance that that one individual stands in your approach to joy, then what’s the purpose of everything in any case? When we are enamored, we regularly connect our friends and family with specific things in our every day lives and when they are no longer around, we attempt as much as we can to keep them alive in these easily overlooked details. So when’s the opportunity to quite recently relinquished everything and begin once again without them? Indeed, watch this and you’ll discover the response to this question. This short film is about an awfulness and after that a breakup. Featuring Kunal Kapoor and Kritika Kamra, this is one of the best short movies we’ve viewed.