Ashwin & Shalini are going to Bangalore and Shalini finds it extremely difficult to deal with the airline ground staff at the check-in counter. Or is it the ground staff who finds it difficult to deal with Shalini? What ensues between them is hilarious to watch, and not so hilarious to bear, when it comes to poor Ashwin who becomes a human sandwich between the two ladies!

Airplane terminals are a significant incident spot. Indeed, this humorous video by Shitty Ideas Trending presents the basic issues the greater part of the folks face while going with a busybody. It demonstrates how men turn into the genuine casualties because of the fits of rage of their accomplices.

Watch this poor person who confronts one issue after another because of no flaw of his. This amusing video indicates how the person is stuck wrecked and his ease aircraft just adds to his current issues.

This clever video won’t just make you chuckle additionally bring back some affectionate or not all that affectionate recollections. So feel free to watch the video and judge yourself how genuine is it.