Ladies have been oppressed and judged for quite a long time regardless of what they do or say. The crowd attitude of the man centric culture we live in has made us ignorant concerning twofold models. We don’t hesitate before announcing a lady as “characterless” on the off chance that she accomplishes something far from the standard.

Another such episode of society being the judge of a young lady has stunned us to the very center. Turns out, all it takes for the horde to agree with a man is him pronouncing that the young lady is a heavy drinker or addict. The occurrence occurred on February 14, 2018.

Ruth Buddy Chaudhuri from Kolkata endured a trial that has abandoned us fuming in outrage. She took to Facebook to share her story and furthermore to face her culprits with a voice uproarious and clear.

She wrote,

The society we live in…
The perpetrator gets respected and innocent gets mobbed.
Today, I needed Valium 10, 2 pieces, for my aged and ailing dog. I requested the local shopkeeper/owner and he rudely rejected. I was leaving when he made a comment “these addicted whores and their desperation. ” I immediately turned and asked him to repeat his statement. He did, and added more colourful terms. I kept my cool and said please mind your language. He then said, “saali Tu prescription laa, fir 2 kyun 2000 le jaa. Jitna Nasha karna hai kar.” I asked him for his name and asked for a pen and paper. He refused to give. I grabbed the first thing I saw and that was the billbook. I said fine, I’ll write your details over here. He got aggressive and touched me. I ran out of the shop in hope that the locals would intervene. I was proven wrong.
The locals, men and women, grabbed me, groped me, assaulted me physically and sexually. All in the name of getting that bill slip because I could write whatever in thy and attain any medicines. I was strong so I freed myself. If I didn’t, I would have been gangraped today and nobody would have saved me because, “mujh jaisi ladki ka yehi hashn hona chahiye.”
I came back, told my parents everything and my mother accompanied me. They did the same with me in front of my mother. They kept snatching at me and touching me indecently. My mother guarded me but they dragged me. They called the police, who came and very conveniently ignored the physical abuse that kept going. Mom and I were then taken to the police station that was allotted to that area.
There, they placed the whole blame on me saying I assaulted them all and broke things and abused them. That my mother did the same. When I said that fine, arrest me, the shopkeeper said no, she’s a girl, let’s not ruin her life. Let’s settle mutually. The police forced me to settle it mutually. Then the OC came and he treated me like a criminal, threatening me to lock me up and beat me up. My mom got angry and she challenged the police. She said fine, arrest my daughter and do all the tests needed that will prove her wrong.
They didn’t agree. The forced a mutual settlement on me. Then, they are spreading rumours that I was already drunk and went to ask for sedatives. They know I take drugs and I am a prostitute and what not. My mother and I still went and got an MC done. I will see the end. Luckily, I have parents who are supportive and are not afraid to fight.
I could have been raped and possibly murdered. And, nobody would have saved me. Today, my faith in humanity diminished tremendously. I am terrified to go out because once they have “certified” me to be “characterless ” they have a right over my body.
Nobody has the right over anyone’s body. No matter who they are or what they do, you cannot exert a right over their body.

How irritating is it that the police who should be the defenders of the casualty did not reconsider before holding hands with her culprits. At the point when will we see the twofold standard in our general public for what it truly is? Ruth has unquestionably made a stride towards making the best decision rather than staying silent anad tolerating her circumstance. You go, young lady!