Kapil Sharma and his better half Ginni Chatrath are all set to get hitched on December 12 this year, the actor comedian told a news organization on Monday. A year ago, Kapil presented Ginni as his better half via social media. The couple will get hitched in Jalandhar (Ginni’s hometown) and they’ll have a grand reception in Mumbai on December 14. Kapil Sharma disclosed that though he needed the wedding to be low-key, Ginni’s family wanted a grand celebration. “We needed to keep it calm. In any case, Ginni is the main girl in her family. Her people needed the wedding to be on a rich scale. Also, I totally comprehend their estimations. My mom additionally needs the wedding to be extravagant,” Kapil Shrama said.

“During the time when my brother married, I had not started earning well. We just went as a small baraat (wedding procession) and got bhabhi (sister-in-law) home. But by the time my sister got married, I had begun to earn well. So we had a fairly large wedding. It was lavish by our standards,” he added.
Kapil Sharma also said that he needed to tell his fans and media that his wedding date has been set for quite a while yet he kept mum to advance Punjabi film Child Of Manjeet Singh – Kapil’s first film as a producer. “For the past few weeks, I’ve been promoting my Punjabi film. I didn’t want to talk about the wedding during the promotions, although the media repeatedly kept asking,” he said.

The stand-up comedian said that more than him, his mother is happy about the impending wedding. “Of course I am. But more than me, the happiness that I see on my mother’s face is what makes it special,” he said.
In an interview back in 2017, Kapil had stated, “Yes, I am getting married to Ginni and she is the love of my life. I have known her for 10 years since my college days in Jalandhar. I used to go to her college to do stand-up comedy. I fell in love with her first, then my mother fell in love with her and that’s when I felt I should make it official. She not only completes me but is my better half”.

Kapil and Ginni, we wish you both all the very best for the most important day of your lives! Congratulations!